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Why is journalism important?

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The journalism field is changing fast as it takes a new shape every day with the advancement in broadcasting technology. Majorly the importance of journalism lies on the benefits derived by people that listen to the news. The primary principle of journalism is relying upon balanced information without any bias whatsoever. With all these roles, the journalism world is expected to portray credibility and certainty in all the news they deliver to the public.


If journalists present news without accurate facts, they will no longer qualify for the sunshine 2009 awards, which honor excellence in this field. The worst part is, they may lose the trust of the society. On a more positive note, the media has played a great role in enhancing democracy thus earning itself the fourth estate recognition. Now, continue reading as we highlight the importance of journalism to the entire society.



The journalism field plays a crucial role in keeping the society informed about the current matters in the government. With knowledge on the current matters, the citizens are able to make important decisions concerning their lives.

Impact On Culture

Media provides a platform for the society to think outside the box of their particular culture when presented with diversified information from all over the world. This happens when it presents news that is contrary to what a particular society has always believed in.

Enhances Solidarity

With the media being quite influential to the society, it can be used as a stage to enhance solidarity in the society. It can happen through the broadcasting of peace-oriented events from the authorities.

Interprets The World

camera man illustration The journalism field relays the complex events happening all over the world in simple terms for the society to understand. It achieves this by providing background information on why some decisions are made concerning certain issues.

Bridge To The Public

Journalism is the platform that creates a bridge to the public. It enhances the citizens’ participation in decision making concerning issues that affect the society. This way, every decision made by the authorities goes hand in hand with what the society terms as just.

Enhancement Of Skills

Without a doubt, young individuals inspired by journalism are able to sharpen their skills when they engage in publishing articles of particular burning issues in the society in newspapers.

Enhances A Democratic Society

Through journalism, citizens are able to exercise their democratic right of expressing their opinions on different matters in the society. The press stands as the voice of the voiceless folks to the authority. With that, the policy makers stay informed on what the public expects of them.

Helps The Society Be Part Of Historical Events

When the media relays to the community the coverage of historical events happening all over the world, it makes them feel a part of it.