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Different Areas Covered By Personal Injury Attorneys


Personal injury claims are basically as a result of individual or group negligence or suspect bad motives on the part of the accused. These cases involve claims by persons who are incapacitated partially or fully hence cannot work again or cannot meet their utility bills as a result of high medical bills, restrained wages and dismissal from the workplace. In addition, personal injury attorneys provide sound legal representation in seeking fairness and justice in settlement of compensation cases involving deceased persons. Therefore, a personal injury lawyer offer a wide range of services to their clients which include;

Consortium and lost wages recovery

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In some case scenarios where a personal injury occurs in the line of duty whether serving in security, in a factory or logistics among other functions the victims have a viable claim if they can prove that negligence played a part in their injury. Therefore, personal injury lawyers will argue the case to have their clients paid consortium or withheld wages retained when the victims didn’t serve and were bedridden or in recovery. Moreover, incapacitation which may occur while at work such as loss of a limb may result with the company’s insurance policy compensating them as well as catering for their medical bills for unforeseeable future.

Settlement cases

Personal injury attorneys assist their clients to argue their case during claims settlement cases. They provide necessary legal negotiations and make a realistic valuation of the expected compensation. Moreover, due to t their experience and training in this type of cases, they understand the magnitude of the settlement hence assist their clients to process the right, lawful procedures in or out of court. Moreover, in settlement cases, personal injury attorneys may defend the accused and guide them in the facilitation of the settlement.

Insurance claims

Insurance claims may be frustrating to a victim of personal injury. Therefore, having a personal injury attorney ensures that their clients receive their rightful compensation by proving, without a doubt, the extent of the damage or loss and the ultimate cause of the loss or damage. Well, experienced personal injury attorneys are well conversant with insurance repayment procedures, therefore, facilitate faster compensation for their clients.

Defective products

Personal injury lawyers also cover cases where an individual(s) is victim to using defective products or services due to the negligence of the manufacturer or service provider. These cases have huge health and financial damages and go against consumer rights hence the victim can be compensated accordingly. Birth malpractices also lie within this range of personal injury cases.

Wrongful death cases


Negligence or ill motive may result in death. As a result in seeking compensation for a deceased person by law is allowed. Personal injury lawyers provide the right assistance in proving the case and finding justice for the close relatives of the deceased.