What Happens After The Death Of A Loved One

Death is nothing but a transition from the physical realm to the realm of eternity. Not to mention that we live our bodies behind with all their weakness and vulnerability. It is of more consolation when we depart from this world knowing that we have completed the assignment we were called to earth to perform. Death is a natural rite of passage that we all have to go through. In the real sense, we feel so abandoned, forgotten and lonely when we are on the end of losing our loved ones.

All is not lost

vr characterHolding funerals and night vigils to honor the souls of the departed does not mean that all hope of ever seeing them again is lost. We will see them again but not in this lifetime. As is natural for us humans, we wash our hands completely when we throw dust onto the coffin at the burial site and lay a wreath on the grave. We should never lose hope and go on living our lives like it makes no sense. At first, it is easy to admit to ourselves that life has lost its meaning but as time goes by, we should remember that we will feel normal again.

Time heals all wounds

They say that time is a healer no matter the magnitude of the wound that finds its way into our souls and leaves us totally broken. Time heals even the deep wound and scar that death causes and in the long run, we realize that we were only speaking and venting out our emotions in the heat of that dark moment. It is all the more gratifying to see people talk about their departed relatives with smiles on their faces. This shows that peace like a river surges generously through their hearts.

There is more to life than we care to ask and know

Life is all about lessons, so we have to be keen at all times to know what to expect from this school of life. We must be wide awake especially in matters to do with life and death. Let us not just live for the moment; we need to expand our horizons and fly readily into the sunset knowing that our work here is done. The problem is, the lessons learned are not exactly etched into our minds. They get blown away like dust on a windy day immediately we step into a whole new scene. Forgetting the tragic incidents that befell us at some point in life is one thing, but forgetting even the lessons drawn from them is another thing.light

Vain life

It’s a shame that we have to wait for death to pour a cold glass of water on our faces for us to snap out of it and remember that we are in transit. Let us make every second, minute and hour of our lives count even as we prepare to exit this stage called life. The moment we realize that life and everything about it are utter vanity, we will make the wise decision to see the value of everything in it.